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17.6 Link Quality Indicator (LQI) cc1101.pdf page 46

The Link Quality Indicator is a metric of the current quality of the received signal.

Link Quality Indicatorは、受信信号の現在の品質の測定基準です。

If PKTCTRL1.APPEND_STATUS is enabled, the value is automatically added to the last byte appended after the payload.


The value can also be read from the LQI status register.


The LQI gives an estimate of how easily a received signal can be demodulated by accumulating the magnitude of the error between ideal constellations and the received signal over the 64 symbols immediately following the sync word.


LQI is best used as a relative measurement of the link quality (a low value indicates a better link than what a high value does), since the value is dependent on the modulation format.


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